We’re not a traditional firm.

We are a high-tech startup making hardware and software for the early diagnosis of skin cancer, melanoma, and other skin conditions. Using breakthrough imaging techniques, we offer a comprehensive end-to-end solution for the analysis of moles, lesions, and other skin conditions via a combination of dermoscopy, spectroscopy, and other cutting edge techniques.

We believe that nobody should die from melanoma.

We’re on a mission to bend reality and build a new future in providing solutions for screening and early detection of melanoma and other skin cancers.

Our vision is to become leaders in our field…

We are committed to taking the best of science and technologies: dermoscopy and spectroscopy and combining them into cutting edge technology. We have one goal, to combine latest technology with science and provide simple solutions for the early diagnosis of skin cancer, melanoma, and other dermatological conditions.

...and we’re happy to say we have supporters on our journey.

OSCE Startup of the year (2008)
Representative of entrepreneurship at EU SME week (2009)
Serbian Chamber of Commerce Startup of the year (2010)
Ernst & Young most innovative startup in Serbia (2012)
Microsoft Health Users Group 2013 Innovation Awards, Innovation in Flexible Mobile Workstyle Solutions (2013)
Next Step Challenge Award Winner (2014)